We all have different ideas to what makes the perfect holiday. Some travellers want adventure and to be on the move constantly, while others like to lie back, enjoy some sunshine and sip a good cocktail by the pool.

I’m a pretty simple creature. I like a mix of everything, but good food and good weather are always top of my list of requirements. And if that’s not possible, then epic scenery and being outdoors.

But what do you think a five-year old boy would want to include in his key requirements for making a holiday he could ever imagine?

Monkey has been extremely fortunate since he was a baby to experience adventures that some adults have yet to do. And while I look at his travels through older and perhaps, more cynical eyes, his understanding of his jaunts around the world are made up of far more black and white events – whether he had a fun time or not, and did he get to play.

One memory that sticks in my mind is when we saw the Northern Lights in Iceland last year. While my husband and I were mesmerised by this natural phenomenon, Monkey took one glance  at the sky and then busied himself making snow angels. That, to him, was much more exciting.

He’s also getting to the an age now where he’s quite vocal about what he would like to do. So with this in mind, I decided to ask him what would make his best holiday ever. After some thought he came up with a prerequisite list – some of which were quite surprising, and others which I could have easily predicted.

A Micro Scooter

‘Why a micro scooter?’ I ask puzzled. ‘Well, Mummy, I can’t get in the pram anymore because of Peanut, and my legs get too tired,’ he replies. ‘I can whizz around then and go fast if we have to walk around.’

I do love his reasoning on occasions…

The Best Holiday Ever According To Monkey

A swimming pool with slides

And not just any slides, he insists. Apparently, only those big inflatable where to buy accutane online uk ones which come attached with an obstacle course. ‘That would be awesome,’ he muses.

Mountains of ice cream and chocolate

‘And I am allowed to eat as much as I want everyday,’ he explains. I tell him that a holiday really wouldn’t be a holiday without ice cream. He nods enthusiastically: ‘I would eat some fruit though, Mummy… Promise!’

The Best Holiday Ever According To Monkey

A beach

‘I like going to the beach,’ he says. ‘You can swim in the sea and collect treasure.’ I agree with him, and we discuss some of the beaches we’ve been to around the globe. His favourite, however, in recent memory is Whistable in Kent, as we got to catch some crabs.

A boat

But not just any old boat. It has to be the one Moana sails in the Disney film. ‘I can learn to be a wayfinder, and use the boat for adventures when we go to the beach,’ he says excitedly.

The Best Holiday Ever According To Monkey
Lego Club

I ask if he wouldn’t prefer to play football? Monkey shakes his head. ‘No, if I’m on a slide all day in a swimming pool, then I think I might get tired.’ He explains that Lego Club would be a room filled with boxes of Lego, and would be allowed to sit down and build whatever he wanted.


‘I’d want to take…’ and Monkey reels off at least a dozen names from his class. I tell him that it would be difficult perhaps to bring all of them on holiday, but he fixes me with his steely eyes and says: ‘Mummy, planes are really big, so they would all fit on no problem.’

That’s me told…

So next time you’re deciding on where to take the family on your next adventure, ask the kids what they would like. It certainly makes for an interesting conversation – and now I know, I can at least cater to some of his wishes.

Right, I’m off to carve a Polynesian canoe out of a tree trunk in the garage…

* I was invited to take part in a blogger challenge by Travel Republic