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When Monkey was adamant I sign him up for the arts and crafts club at school recently I was taken by surprise. When he was younger and I made an effort to set up various activities for him, I was met with zero interest. And, being that I’m not so much of a crafty person myself, we’ve never really done much at home. However, seeing his pride when bringing back various handmade items has had me researching easy ideas that we can do together.

Arts and crafts activities might not be for every child or parent, but I’ve realised that it doesn’t necessarily matter if the outcome is of award-winning status, it’s about so much more. If you want to help your kids improve their self-confidence, promote bonding and boost their creativity then why not have a go at some of these arts and craft ideas that keep kids entertained. I’m definitely going to give them a go! And these are perfect to while away any lazy or rainy days.

Arts and Crafts Ideas To Keep Kids Entertained | My Travel Monkey
Tic-Tac-Toe pebbles 

This is a great one for heading outdoors. You can create your own version of the game in your garden by collecting some pebbles and trying to find rocks of similar shapes and sizes. Then all you need is some paint and brushes to create colourful patterns on the surface of nine of them – one set different from the other. Try to move away from the original noughts and crosses and come up with some other decoration.

DIY Rock cactus 

All you need is several large rocks and an empty plant pot. The aim of this project is to use paint to come up with a creative cactus pattern from spikes to colourful flowers on top, you can really let your imagination fly. By placing you rock cacti in the pot in some soil or small pebbles will really make something that can take pride of place in the home!

Wildflower stamps 

Monkey loves picking flowers so this is a fantastic way to combine a walk and flower hunting. Plus if you have a special occasion coming up, such as a birthday, this is a great activity to personalise cards. All you need are flowers, an inkpad and pieces of paper. By dabbing the flowers into the ink stamp and then onto paper, kids can be really creative and come up with pretty patterns. 

Arts and Crafts Ideas To Keep Kids Entertained | My Travel Monkey

Egg box wreath 

Instead of throwing away an egg carton after breakfast, you could make a decorative wreath – perfect for Christmas or Easter. The project is simple and all you need is some PVA glue, paint and any embellishments that you’d like to add afterwards such as bows, glitter or stickers. By cutting a circle out of foam or cardboard, you can then stick the painted egg box sections upside down to resemble open flowers around it. You can be as colourful and bold as you’d like and add as many egg carton flowers you want.

Pasta pins and necklaces 

These pins and necklaces would make fabulous gifts for family and friends. For the pins, all you need is to paint some bow tie pasta in as many patterns and colours as you’d like. Then attached safety pins to the back of them with strong glue. Ta-dah – you then have a fetching broach to wear. Necklaces and bracelets are simple to make with some tube pasta such as penne or macaroni. After decorating them, thread some string through and tie the ends.


While we’ve made several rockets using old toilet tubes and plastic drinks bottles you can create something a little more special. Windsocks are great in the garden attached to large sticks and planted into the ground or to string so kids can run with them. Use different colour paints and paper to stick to the toilet roll, or a plastic bottle with the nozzle end cut off, and then create long tails from strips of tissue paper or ribbons to either stick at the end of the toilet roll, or punch holes through the plastic to thread through the pieces of ribbon. These look great on a windy day!

Do you have any other arts and crafts ideas you’d like to add?

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