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Of all the times we’ve been to Cornwall, I can never remember actually visiting Land’s End – the headland which is the most westerly point of England, and the closest point to the North American Continent. And, even though it wasn’t the sunniest of days, we decided to head there to take in the breathtaking scenery.

Land’s End Cornwall – What to Expect

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect… I imagined we’d just park our car up, get out and enjoy the views, much like you do with other natural beauty spots. I didn’t, however, expect to pay a hefty car park fee to have the privilege of walking through, what essentially amounted to a shopping complex. (If you’re prepared to walk around 15 minutes around the coastline it is free.) Of course, the souvenir shops and restaurants must make a killing from tourists in the peak season, but we weren’t bothered and more concerned about getting to the main attraction – stopping along the way to laugh at Monkey as he towered above the miniature houses that were on display.

Land's End | My Travel Monkey

Once we moved away from them and joined the coastal path, it was a short walk to the edge of the world… Okay, I’m exaggerating, but with the wind whipping up and the rain beginning to fall, it felt like we were in some sort of Emily Bronte novel. It was breathtaking to drink in the epic view of the Atlantic Ocean and the waves crashing mercilessly against the granite down below.

Land's End Cornwall | My Travel Monkey

Land's End Cornwall | My Travel MonkeyMonkey even tried to spy some ships in the distance with the telescope…

Land's End Cornwall | My Travel Monkey

Land’s End Signpost

And once Monkey had enough of me trying to get photos of him and of the landscape, we couldn’t leave without doing something a little touristy… well, we were at Land’s End Cornwall, an iconic part of the UK and, for a bargain price of £12, and free rein for me to take my own photos, we had a family shot of us taken beside the famous signpost!

Land's End Signpost | My Travel Monkey

Drive to Sennen Cove instead…

Drive to Sennen Cove, and you’ll be rewarded not only with its stunning expanse of golden sands, but also the great vistas afforded by a brief walk up to the old coastguard lookout – and the opportunity to wander a little further to get the most amazing views of Land’s End without the hassle and the sky-high prices of the car park! We just wish we’d discovered this before we went.Land's End Cornwall | My Travel Monkey