Paultons Park: The Curse of Peppa Pig

Bing Bong Bing! Bing Bong Boo! Bingly Bongly, Bingly, Bongly, Boo!

Don’t fret, I’m not speaking in tongues, or for that matter going insane. I’m a member of a club – one of millions…

It’s the: ‘I got sucked into watching one episode of a cartoon pig wearing a red dress, and spent £££s on that said pig’s merchandise: and my toddler is quite taken with it‘ club. (more…)

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A Weekend in Berlin

Now, I’m not quite sure if the first few trips count, seeing as Monkey had yet to appear, but, hey, his adventure started in Berlin, in February 2011. I was about three months pregnant at this point and desperate to get away from the drudgery of work and the long British winter. Oh, hang on a minute, in essence I just swapped the British cold for the German cold… and it was worse.   However, this is such a cool, vibrant city – and I definitely want to return in the Summer. (more…)

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