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This week, I have great pleasure in introducing Allane Milliane to you all. We share very similar interests, especially our love of travel and food, which is how we’ve become blogging pals. Allane is sharing her wonderful memories of her two-centre honeymoon last year to the United Arab Emirates and to the Maldives  – and it’s the stuff of dreams.

Over to you Allane…


What do you look for in a holiday?

It really depends, but to be honest I like to combine a bit of everything. I love beach, the ocean, snorkeling and diving, which also means adventure. At the same time I am a foodie and really appreciate culture and the sight-seeing of a city, so whenever I can I try to combine all in one, that’s the type of perfect holiday for me.

Which trip would you like to share?

Last year was my honeymoon, and my husband and I combined the UAE with the Maldives.

Why did you choose this destination?

As most of the flights to the Maldives have a stop over in Dubai, we decided to stay longer in the UAE, enjoy Dubai and also go to the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi!

IMG_5300Where did you stay?

Booking through Expedia, in Dubai and Abu Dhabi we stayed at hotels the Mercure Gold Hotel and the One to One Hotel respectively. We decided on them mainly because of the price and the location, but both were very good. We only had bed and breakfast in those – but they were excellent. In the Maldives, we stayed at the Diamonds Thudufushi resort, via recommendations and because of the quality of the reef. I loved it! We stayed here on an all-inclusive basis, and booked it directly through the hotel website.

PB100596What was your most memorable moment/s of the trip?

Swimming with a Black tip shark right at out doorstep! It was amazing, the shark was so scared that as soon as he noticed us he swam away as fast as he could, but we managed to take a picture!

Another fantastic moment was watching the Formula 1 race in Abu Dhabi. I love the sound of the racing cars, what can I say, I’ve been a F1 fan since I was a kid!


Was it good value for money?

I wouldn’t have changed any aspect of our honeymoon, everything was so worth the money. The only thing I would change is that we should have stayed longer!

Your top tip/s for the area?

For Dubai:

•Rent a car with a GPS or take taxi, the public transportation is very good in terms of infrastructure, however, it does not reach everywhere in the city and it means you have to walk a lot in the hot desert sun!
•Bring confortable clothes, but consider the strict culture for women’s dress code.
•Great place for shopping! Don’t miss the outlets and the biggest shopping mall in the World, the Dubai Mall.

For the Maldives:

•One week is not enough, stay as long as you can and, if you love water sports, be prepared because there are plenty of options for you!
•If you have kids and are wondering if it’s a good place to take them, my answer is yes! For the grown-up kids, I am sure they will keep themselves busy with snorkeling, playing volleyball and video games. If you have a baby, most of the resorts offer babysitting services, in case the papas and mamas need a little time for themselves.

IMG_5505Which photo is your favourite and why?

My favourite photo of this trip is the one where my flippers are lying on the water villa’s terrace in the Maldives at sunset. I love it because it says everything about our honeymoon…

Would you recommend to a friend?

I would highly recommend this trip to anyone, and I have done it so many times! The funny thing is that some of the people I have recommended it to have either done it or going soon. As for me, I am already counting every cent of my piggy bank so I can go back there!

What are your five holiday essentials?

•My travel plan,
•My travel journal
•My camera (mainly my iPhone)
•My lap top
•A good book

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