Time Travel Thursdays: New York

Time Travel Thursdays: New York

When I first walked out onto a Manhattan sidewalk, my neck was constantly craning to look up at all the skyscrapers and buildings that towered over me. I was in awe of my immediate surroundings. Being a film and TV fan, it’s hard not to already have formed a mental image of New York and its intrinsic core that makes it so world-famous from the yellow taxi cabs, gloomy subways and famous landmarks. (more…)


Holiday Snapshots #4 USA

I’m super excited that one of my fave bloggers, Em Conway, is sharing her hilarious moments from her pre-kids trip to the USA, taking in Vegas, LA and San Francisco, in this week’s Holiday Snapshots. It was a very starry affair from Hollywood superstar Will Ferrell to ex-Bros and musician Matt Goss. Oh, and Shrek! (more…)

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Top 11 Best Places To Eat and Drink in Vegas

Top 11 Best Places To Eat and Drink in VegasLas Vegas isn’t the first place that springs to mind when you think of gastronomic delights – but because the city is filled with world-class hotels, of course, it goes without saying there are also world-class restaurants and bars littered around every block. It’s a foodie heaven, therefore my heaven. I love food. And quite frankly, it was really, really tough choosing where to eat and where to drink because the choice was endless.