Time Travel Thursdays

Time Travel Thursdays: New York

Time Travel Thursdays: New York

When I first walked out onto a Manhattan sidewalk, my neck was constantly craning to look up at all the skyscrapers and buildings that towered over me. I was in awe of my immediate surroundings. Being a film and TV fan, it’s hard not to already have formed a mental image of New York and its intrinsic core that makes it so world-famous from the yellow taxi cabs, gloomy subways and famous landmarks. (more…)


Time Travel Thursdays: Antigua

Coco Bay Beach in Time Travel Thursdays: Antigua With My Travel MonkeyWhen we were younger, my group of four school friends and I made a promise to be each other’s bridesmaids, so when the first of us got engaged back in 2007, we were pretty excited. Even more so when she informed us the wedding was going to be in Antigua…

After much discussion about the plausibility of all of us making the trip out to the Caribbean island the following year – we all agreed that the distance wasn’t an issue, and that it would be rude for us not to turn it into a proper holiday. (more…)


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