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It’s my turn this week to host the BritMums carnival and I am so pleased to be bringing you some wonderful posts from bloggers who are reminiscing about their childhood travel experiences.

I decided on the theme after finding an old photo of my seven-year old self on Brighton beach. It was amazing how just one picture triggered such strong memories – and all of them pretty special. Time spent together as a family unit, and learning about my culture and where I come from – all these things which have contributed to my love of travel – but more of that another time.

So, without further ado let me in introduce you to five fabulous posts that will not only have you running to your old photo albums and dusting off the covers but will also make you smile. It’s often said you should look to the future – but on these occasions, it’s sometimes just as important to remember the past.

Honest Mumma

First up is Ellie from Honest Mumma in Something a Bit Different. She claims she’s not very good at recalling the past at the best of time, however, I would dispute this. After popping round to her mum’s and stepping inside the old caravan she used to holiday in, Ellie was taken right back to her childhood filled with sunny days on the beach, eating fish and chips, and spending time with her gramps. Ellie’s a relative newbie to this blogging game, so please pop over and show her some love.

Tin Box Traveller

Claire from Tin Box Traveller’s Childhood Travel Was The Making of Me resonates with me because I completely agree with her that the places we visit as children has a huge impact on our future selves. And. even though we’ve been blogging pals for a while now, I never knew she lived in Hong Kong as a youngster. Check out the reasons why she thinks travel has shaped her and how she fell in love with caravanning.

Five Adventurers

Next is Nisbah from Five Adventurers. She may be an old hat in the travel game has been all over the world but when she was a small child it was her trips to Pakistan to stay with a family that really cemented her passion for travelling as she explains in Childhood Travel Memories. Spending months out there at a time, Nisbah fondly recalls all the fun she had from collecting water from the well outside her granddad’s house to riding horse-drawn carriages and rickety tail boats. Take a look at some of the wonderful photos she shares of her time out there.

Life with Baby Kicks

Laura from Life with Baby Kicks takes us back to her Childhood Memories where she is ever so thankful to her parents for giving her the opportunity to explore, learn and be adventurous. From summers in France where Laura and her brother would go night-time diving to coming back home in the car, resting on crates of wine from the vineyard to spending three months in America. She knows it’s these special memories that have helped her pass on her love of travel to her own children – and it’s a heartwarming look back at the past.

Adventures of a Monkey Footed Mummy

Last, but not least, is Monkey Footed Mummy’s Childhood Holidays in Scarborough. Some of her fondest memories are her holidays here in the UK with her family – enjoying the simple pleasures in life from playing on the beach and supping cordial in pub gardens to fun days out at Peasolm Park. She recalls the geese there were not so friendly to the kids! There’s a fantastic photo of her and her family all eating Jackonelli ice-cream. Brilliant stuff, please pop over and take a look.

Do you have any favourite childhood travel memories? If you want to share them with me, please do get in touch and I will be happy to share.