When our friends suggested a group of us should all get together for a day trip to Longleat Safari & Adventure Park, we jumped at the chance. The last time I went, I wasn’t much older than Monkey is now – I remember my parents talking about the notorious monkeys who pull off your wipers and scratch the car…

And considering this attraction has been pulling in visitors to its 9,000 acres of Wiltshire countryside since 1966, we knew the kids were going to love it.

Blue Mosque 2

After featuring one half of Mums The World, Jenny,  several weeks ago and her trip to South Africa, it’s now the turn of Laura. Laura also resides in Dubai with her husband and two gorgeous boys – and having been lucky enough to explore much of the world as a member of a cabin crew, she’s well placed to give great travel tips about a whole host of destinations. I’m delighted that she’s sharing her trip to Istanbul in Turkey.