How To Spend 48 Hours in Madrid: Part Two

How To Spend 48 Hours In Madrid: Part Two My Travel MonkeyMadrid is a large city and, when you only have a couple of days to explore, its huge expanse will no doubt leave both your mind and your feet racing. But rather than try to cram too much in, choosing small, bite-sized chunks of this vibrant capital will be more than enough for you to get a decent flavour. (more…)


Win Two Tickets To The Family Travel Show In Olympia, London

Win Two Tickets To The Family Travel Show My Travel MonkeyThere’s been some buzz in recent weeks about the Family Travel Show, a new event coming to London’s Olympia on the weekend of the 31 October. I, for one, am excited to be going to the exhibition – a first of its kind – solely dedicated to family travel adventures. (more…)


Holiday Snapshots #39 Honolulu, Hawaii

Holiday Snapshots #39 Honolulu Hawaii My Travel Monkey

Welcome to another edition of Holiday Snapshots. I have great pleasure in introducing you to Cindy from Piccolo Explorer, originally from San Diego, USA, she grew up in Saudi Arabia and now resides in London. A woman after my own heart, Cindy has a real passion for travel and shares her adventures with her young son Little T, as well as some useful tips over on her blog. Cindy recently went to Hawaii and this week, she tells us what she got up to. (more…)


How to Spend 48 Hours in Madrid: Part One

How To Spend 48 Hours in Madrid: Part One

Madrid lies geographically in the centre of Spain and from Puerto Del Sol – the Gate of the Sun – you can stand on the spot where all Spanish roads lead off from the radial point of 0km. And, even though this was my third visit to Spain’s vibrant and contemporary capital city – I’m ashamed to say it’s the first time I actually discovered this interesting and dare I say, well-known fact. (more…)


Reviewed: Airbnb Apartment in Malasaña, Madrid

Reviewed: Airbnb Apartment Malasaña Madrid My Travel MonkeyTurning up at your rented accommodation past 1.00am can be a slightly daunting experience, even more so when you were meant to be there an hour earlier.



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